CONTACT - Alessandro Burzigotti
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Alessandro Burzigotti is a Tuscany-born photographer, based between Milan, Paris, London, or anywhere really..
He grew up in a creative environment and started taking pictures at an early age. He studied photography at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence, where he also started his career before moving to Milan after several experiences abroad.
He initially showed an interest for a very articulated and staged photography, but soon started “cleaning” and regroup his language to reach a more natural and spontaneous outcome, marked by a contemporary freshness. Alessandro still starts from a precise image in mind, but on set he goes by instinct, often capturing instants with an intimate flavor, filled with a diffused sense of happiness and lightheartedness.
He often shoots on film, a medium that enhances the candor of his pictures through color, and brings on the positive melancholia Alessandro feels for the atmosphere of a recent past. He favors natural light, abundant sunlight, that he manages to recreate as much even in studio works with great spontaneity. Alessandro defines his work an ever evolving study, a way to portrait intimacy and happiness.


I am always looking for new people to work with!
You can contact me at

Represented by Interlude Project